Wednesday 1 February 2017

Dear learners...

Dear learners...

I am your teacher/guardian while you are at this school.
The setting of high expectations for yourselves is my golden rule.
Do not expect me to turn a blind eye to your different levels of transgressions.
All I want is your honesty-no need for public confessions.
I know that there are things you have to deal with which are out of my control.
I cannot say I understand, but know that I am here to listen and to console.

I do become frustrated when your work is incomplete.
It is only because I want you to experience (mostly) successes instead of defeat.
Do not roll your eyes at me just because I care.
I will, without a doubt, reprimand you with a motherly stare.
You have been placed in my class for the duration of this year.
There is no need to be anxious, no need to fear.

I know that I may not smile every minute of everyday.
I just have that serious face you know, to keep the naughty ones at bay.
There are no 'ideal' learners, no teacher's pets this year...
But you are all my children, who in my heart I hold so dear.

Your teacher,
Mrs. T Adams-H

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