Wednesday 4 January 2017

My 'Personal' planner/organiser


During the December (school) holidays, I had many sleepless nights. It was neither my daughter, nor the heat. My mind was basically working overtime. Okay, that is always the case. But hey, that's not supposed to happen during the holidays...Right?

I was thinking about how I could start jotting down appointments, important deadlines, things to do, etc. without having to carry a hardcover diary or huge planner around in my bag. I started to search for ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, and even had a careful look at my previous diary which I received from my teachers' union and one I bought last year. It was just too stiff for me. I would use these diaries excitedly in January, February, March, A........
By the fourth month, I would lose interest. So, this time around I needed to put something together that would be easy to use, and small and light enough to carry in any bag.

The websites I came across were:

These websites allow you to personlise, customise and print. It took me a few days to decide on a cover page, and the layout for the rest of the planner. I definitely needed a sort of overview calendar first, and pages which allowed for recording times, reminders, journal type spaces and so forth. Apart from all the detail, I also wanted something plain and simple, in black and white because I am such a Plain Jane kind of brain. I then asked my husband to print and bind the pages I merged together as a PDF in A5 size. In this post are snippets from the bound planner/organiser. Today I added in a pocket after the first few pages in the planner and a pocket close to the end, with normal copy paper and tape to store stickers, a small ruler and some small colour paper strips to be used as bookmarks/tags/side notes/'Post it'-like thingies.

My daughter and I had a discussion about which colour fineliner I should use in my organiser. It was either pink or purple. She suggested purple. I tried it out and it looks pretty. I will use little stickers here and there to add some 'fun' to the organiser- obviously where relevant, and not just for decoration purposes­čśť.

So off I go now to practise my handwriting (I am pedantic when it comes to this) especially for this organiser because unlike a note/writing book, I can't tear a page out and redo. So yes, my journey starts now for 2017. My plan is to use this tool wisely, as often as I can, and to have fun!

Ciao for now,

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