Tuesday 2 June 2015

Mathematics writing books of learners

At the end of 2014, I decided (strongly felt) that the learners needed to show pride in their work and present their notes or answers to exercises in a colourful, neat and presentable manner.

I searched for some ideas on how to make note-taking fun and less burdensome. I also asked myself the question, "How would I take notes?". In a world of modern technology, flexible or nimble thumbs and various types of interactive media, one has to think about and present ideas or lessons in a way that engages learners. Yes, we do still present many lessons as a direct instruction and are encouraged to vary instruction or teaching styles but note-taking should also be flexible and fun.

I have told my learners that perfect notes should not be our focus. We should strive towards excellence and present our work in a way that makes us feel proud. I will be sharing pictures of worksheets or other activities I have designed as well as examples from learners' books of what we do and the note-taking methods we use on a daily basis in various subjects.

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