Tuesday 2 June 2015

Mathematics notes from a learner's Math note-/writing book

Whole numbers: Learners were told to draw roofs at the top of each place value house.
Addition and subtraction: I drew and photocopied these pages for learners around which they jotted down various ways of solving + and -

Learners enjoyed making these flip flaps of ways to show numbers. I told them that this could be used in any subject- for new words, concepts etc.

Learners were taught fractions with the concrete apparatus I have in the Math kit. Thereafter we worked with visual representations of fractions and equivalence.
I found that even in grade 6 learners struggled with the concept of time. We started off by pasting in this basic photocopied clock and then I wrote the tips and notes like this on the board. Oh, we still use the blackboard and chalk. No wipeable boards nor fancy interactive whiteboards yet. 

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